Rupert Gavin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Historic Royal Palaces,
The Yeoman Warders, staff and friends of The Tower of London present
Saturday 13th February & Sunday 14th February 2016
a unique two-night fundraising event of variety acts performed by top West End performers accompanied by the Beefeaters and staff of Historic Royal Palaces

At the heart of the Tower of London stands the White Tower.  It is the oldest part of the Tower, built by William the Conqueror in c1078 to strike fear and submission into the newly subjugated citizens of London.  It is one of the most famous castle keeps in the world and is part of a World Heritage Site.  At its heart lies the stunning Chapel of St John the Evangelist, actually the oldest chapel in London.  This 1,000 year-old structure needs considerable restoration and so a Valentine’s weekend fundraising event was created to help restore this place of love and reverence within a building infamous for incarceration and execution.

The two evenings (each ticketed separately) started with a drinks and hors d’oeuvre reception hosted by the company of uniformed Yeoman Warders, affectionately known as Beefeaters.

This was followed by a two act variety show hosted by a celebrity MC and featuring a host of top West End performers plus specially-created performances by the yeoman guards and other talented staff of Historic Royal Palaces.

Live At The Tower took place each night after the public had left the palace and the gates had been closed, making for a truly unique experience.

Live At The Tower was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend Valentine’s Eve or Valentine’s Night in one of the most famous buildings in the world, hosted by the most iconic military guards in the world – whilst raising money to ensure the Tower of London stands for another thousand years.

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